Villafane Studios
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7212 Ho Hum Rd., #7, Carefree, 85377
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Villafane Studios is not your average group of artists. While the Villafane moniker has long been synonymous with Halloween, our team of world renowned designers have the talent, experience and creativity to bring your wildest dreams to life in 3D.

Whether we are shattering world records, creating unforgettable characters in pumpkins, or sculpting 30-foot devils with 75 tons of beach sand, we at Villafane Studios don’t believe in “comfort zones”. Maybe you want your next big event to go viral, or perhaps you just want your private Halloween party to blow your neighbors’ minds. Regardless of the scale, it’s our mission to bring a sense of magic and wonder to everything we create.

“Outside the box” is not just our artistic motto, it’s our way of life. Let us make something magical for YOU!