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Lance Headlee – Distinctively Original

“I don’t paint what I see with my eyes, I paint what I see in my mind. This guarantees you the viewer and me the artist there is only one original painting like it on this planet”

I never know what the image will be until it enters my mind and starts to dance. Images come and go – it’s the ones that stay and dance that talk to me. They dance the best and stay the longest, and are always talking to me. They say, “paint us distinctively unique!” “paint us fun!” “paint us colorful!” “Paint us cool and sexy!” “paint us big, bold and beautiful!” but most of all don’t paint us if you can’t challenge yourself and paint something new and different. As an artist, “Different” is always the challenge for me. Painting images straight from imagination are images you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

In the world of art, Distinctively Original is my challenge and one I gladly except. My clients and collectors love the fact that the fun images I paint are one of a kind original images, the only paintings like them on this planet.